Original 2017… reposting.

I have been annoyed by a chant I continue to hear from the seditionist #resistance movement when they gather for their now daily, public riots and looting sessions, aka “peaceful protests”.

As I watched another clip of rioters doing acts of sedition that chant was rolling strong. “This is what Democracy looks like”. Then boom! It struck me. This is exactly what democracy looks like. That statement is the literal summation of the mindset of the movement that is attempting to resist the peaceful and lawful rule of America Law. Anarchy, mob rule, intent on revolution. A goal being pursued via civil unrest. Marxism 101.


A Democracy is, by definition, mob rule. And this is what we have now , mob riots, anarchy, Fascists, marxists, lgbtq+, neo -nazis, and Islamist insurrectionists sowing seeds of sedition into the fabric of our society by hijacking legitimate causes. Well intended and good hearted Americans are now worked up into a frenzy to the point that they are allowing themselves to be paraded out as pawns in a much greater game of socioeconomic and geopolitical chess. A dangerous and volatile reality.


It is simple to tell yourself that you don’t need to act. That you don’t need to be involved. That idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reality is, ‘we the people’ need to have discourse, find solutions, and support our Republic and each other with respect and courtesy. Now, more than ever, decorum and debate must win the day.


God Bless America. AB

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