Trump tries again to fix legal immigration.

Trump announces a long desired 'Merit-Based' Immigration Plan. Will Democrats join in or resist progress? President Trump has announced a balanced and sensible immigration proposal that would bring the legal reforms that have been sorely needed in America for years into a reality in the United States. Trump's latest immigration plan "puts jobs, wages and... Continue Reading →

Trump vs The Resistance

3-13-2018 Trump is coming to California today to view wall prototypes and other scheduled meetings. Trump's presence follows last week's visit by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to the capital city of Sacramento. Since the moment Trump won the presidency liberals and never Trumpers in California have been snubbing their nose at Trump and disrespecting his presidency. These... Continue Reading →

🇺🇸 #Calipublican

TRUMP DREAMS FOR ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS First, not only.......12-2-2017 When I first logged on Twitter in Fall of 2016 I had no idea the hate I would draw from the lighthearted handle @oktobwhite and the monicker "Radical Republican". Add identifying as a Christian conservative and in the Twitterverse I might as well have been the... Continue Reading →

Citizen Tom repost..

As I was working my way through Rediscovering Americanism by Mark R. Levin, I read a quote from Adam Smith“s The Theory of Moral Sentiments that I think is directly relevant to my last post, IS THE LAW REQUIRED OR IS CUSTOM SUFFICIENT?. Levin, who uses the quotation to end chapter 5 of his book,... Continue Reading →

GOP – You don’t deserve Trump’s greatness.

Opinion-8-16-2017 Wait a minute. I’m not finished. I’m not finished, fake news. That was a horrible day.-Trump 8-15-2017 Courage under fire Yesterday (8-15-2017) President Donald Trump courageously made it clear that both the violent fringes on the left and right have shared culpability for how Charlottesville, VA ended up going down. In case you aren't... Continue Reading →

America-Re-Declaring Independence Today

-America- Independence of representative governance America is celebrating our independence from Tyrannical British rule today. It was 241 years ago on this day those brave men declared the rights given to them by God and guaranteed them in writing in the Magna Carta to the world. They risked their homes and very lives to rebel... Continue Reading →

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