“Civil discourse is what is needed now. Not violence and hate from fascist groups working to destroy our freedoms and way of life. Resist the temptation to be violent, resist the fear of free speech. Lest you get what you fear most, created by your own hand. Only when you bring evil into the light, can you root out its true purpose and means.”
–  AB 11-26-17

– Resistance leaders are scrambling as investigations into misuse of public funds began today behind the scenes. Many California politicians & government employees in danger of being arrested for sedition. Crossing my fingers and hoping the crafty and felonious criminals don’t find a way to escape justice.

-Jeff Sessions visit to California this week has the coup movement (#Resistance) shaking in their boots. It just got real.

12-2-2017 2AM
0_0 Update – Cali Buzz
– Tax cuts pass! This is good for California.
– Sexual predators still being exposed; all industry and political affiliations.
– Trump is still America’s president.
– Russia Collusion is actually with Obama, Comey, IC, HRC and MSM.
– North Korea has long range missile capability.
– Christians still dying by the thousands worldwide, MSM… Silent
– God is good!

What else could we say.

Quick update from California
1. California is now a “Sanctuary State” for illegal aliens not legal Americans.
2. The Republican party is essentially the Democrat 2.0 party for the most part. No spine.
3. Both Republicans and Democrats keep proving they are ignorant of what’s needed for education.
4. On a bright note, 1-3 Californians support Trump, growing daily.
5. The visual calming of the more violent wings of the Left are due to old school hippies and Dems becoming concerned and leaning towards supporting Trump. Believe it! The violence and riots will continue, with no coverage.

A lot more has happened but that’s all for now, need to get back to investigating.

The last few weeks has seen the beginning of a shift. Democrats are waking up to the violent anti American scum that has taken over their party. They won’t come clean and do right fully by the people. But there are signs of change in their operation focus for sure. Expect more deals.

It is getting worse. The MSM lies continue to divides the country rather than provide rational and real information for the populace. This arm of the “Deep State” ramp up tensions without any concern of repercussions or consequences to the common citizenry. Small hate groups feed the MSM narrative with violent altercations and fiery rhetoric. We have to move forward and have real debate. Thorough reflection and discourse must take hold. I am still failing as a voice for this debate. Flaming those who disagree with me in 140 characters and making little headway in advancing rational thought. I would do well to follow my own criticisms of others.

I’m willing to set aside the fact the left is responsible for 99% of the problem if we could just move past it all.  /wink
Seriously, we are past that mattering.

President Trump somehow stays focused on Making America Great Again even as forces from all sides work hard against him I appreciate his energy. Much more prayer is needed.

God help us all.

What an amazing Independence day celebration we had this year. Over 30 guests, good food, good beer, and no Twitter until after all the fun was over. Then I got to enjoy the meltdown of #CNNBlackmail scandal. Like a whole other set of fireworks. Priceless. #MAGA @realdonaldtrump we are with ya sir!

Looking to get a podcast/radio program going ASAP. Planning to do more writing and less tweeting. Getting more of an idea where i can be the most useful in this fight.

I am not sure why I have not changed back the RadCovfefe tag to RadRepublican but it’s not going anywhere for now.

-Saturday July 8th 12-5PM
Unite America Peace Rally will be held at the State Capital in Sacramento, California.
There will be a lot of speakers and support. Security ‘should’ be strong. Details below

Unite America First Peace Rally – SAVE California

Peaceful patriots will come together for a fun, music-filled, insightful and educational day surrounding issues Californians face.
The eventful day will feature many noteworthy guest speakers as follows: Will Johnson, Travis Allen, Tony “The Tiger” Lopez, Kyle BSM Chapman, Katherine Duran, Todd Holladay, Harim Uziel, Omar Navarro, Jeanine DeRose, Christina Hildebrand, Craig Deluz, Marco Gutierrez, Gabriel Silva and more!
Top Issues; Cal-Exit, Sanctuary State SB54, Gas Tax Bill, Firearms, Ammo Restrictions, SB 18, SB 426, Healthcare Bill, Illegal Immigrations/Refugees, Indoctrination of Children, Domestic/Foreign Terrorism, Censorship of the 1st Amendment and more.
In addition to the issues, this Unite America and SAVE California event will embody a strong show of support for our respected men and women in blue, our U.S. Military and Veterans.
Contact: Debbie Boschee–Organizer @ 916-802-7200
United America First Facebook page encourages the public to offer suggestions for future topics they wish to see covered.

6-18-2017 It’s been busy.. A few thoughts

The RussiaGate fraud has been exposed repeatedly as false and the corruption of the Deep State and MSM collusion is in plain view. Yet the Left and corrupt GOP continue the charade of official proceedings. A show for the rabid zealots on the left hoping some crime may possibly exist, chanting “Dumo Trump” with no evidence of any situation, crime, or impropriety. What I call, the multiple which hunt investigations. Although insanity incarnate when looked at factually, The Left, fueled by hatred of Trump; are relentless in their desire to stop any and all success from the Trump administration. Add to that Politicians are taking advantage of the situation for political gain and too near sighted and greedy to care of the consequences long term. The results will be hard to bear.

The Republicans in congress, who allegedly represent conservatives, libertarians, and independent Trump supporters need to do a better job of supporting the President’s agenda. That or receive the lesson the Democrats did when they lost the House and Senate after ramming Obamacare (Really Hillarycare) down our throats when nobody wanted it. Voters are not impressed with politicians dragging their feet to avoid dealing with the extremely serious issues of Healthcare and taxes or try rushing things.

The violent #TerroristLeft sect is continuing their plan to destabilize and split the unity of the country (U.S.) and, “at all costs”, disrupt the American Government from functioning as designed. The assassination attempt on the Republican Congress members last week in Alexandria was the latest manifestation of the hostile environment encouraged by the narrative lies news told by the MSM. The main source of rhetoric the Left is using to dehumanize those on the right and justify violence against conservatives and libertarians.

There is a lot of corruption in California right now. Will report when can get more on the record confirmations, more research is needed as well. You know your onto something when they make you file FOIA requests,  I will say this. Anyone in California that associates with #TheResistance movement and is involved or employed with the government could probably not stand up to a use of government funds audit. Misuse of Covfefe, Misappropriations of Covfefe, etc. Just sayin

Hope the mood swings and the violence ends


The fight is ongoing behind the scenes. I have been attending #Resistance meetings, gathering evidence, and continually being shocked at the elected CA Government and its seditious activity.  Will be posting a few updates to blog soon. Sorry for delays, hard to keep up with the enemy. They are moving fast.

The Democratic party seems more focused on the Healthcare issue (Saving Obama’s Legacy) and funding the #Resistance movement. There are paper trails, I envision popcorn and trials for treason followed by firing squads. Unlikely, but one can wish.

#Cali4Trump is getting organized. We will focus our energies on advocating for California to work with President Trump to MCAA (MakeCaliAffordableAgain). We will also be working with various groups to explore ways to capitalize on the issues California citizens agree on to help move California toward problem solving and cooperation among sensible citizens from all parties and lifestyles.

Visit the Blog and give me some feedback. http://www.cali4trump.net/blog
The more traffic I get the more I’ll be motivated to post and work on that part of the site.

California is trending in the direction of Constitutional Conservatism.
As always the MSM is too busy molding narratives that they don’t have time to report real news. Despite the MSM’s, seemingly successful character assassination of Milo Yionooppolus, (arguably Donald Trump’s loudest voice for POTUS in recent months in Cali); Milo and Trump remain popular among young & old California republicans, independents, and recently woke liberals. You won’t hear it in the media but most Democrats are not into the violence and hate being instigated by paid activist and indoctrinated citizens. Nor do they support religious fanaticism that involves tossing gays off buildings , demanding women dress like KKK members, and would outlaw the entire ARTS and music industry punishable by death. Not to mention all the rape and child molestation that comes with the cultural acceptance of such practices. Do not give up on California, we are not lost to the extremists.

The election has made it clear, now is the time to engage in the process of civics more than ever.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have flipped the script and exposed the underbelly of the political system In America. They spared us a Bush / Clinton election cycle and exposed the need for reform in both political parties. The Globalist lost, but they are regrouping fast and using the chaos of agitators and a corrupt intelligence community.
Trump must move quickly if he is to accomplish his goals.

With most of what was considered MSM outlets lacking integrity we are left with our common sense and original source reporting. The internet adds an instant ability to get information and express ideas and arguments efficiently. So we endeavor to communicate.

We need to debate ideas with respect. A return to #Decorum in our nation. Civil discourse at this time is abhorrent.

A violent, hateful, and intolerant voice mainly from the leftist minded citizens has emerged. The liberals have a deep hate for Christians, Rural .and working class Americans (Dem or Rep), Conservatives, critical thinkers, non conformists, Pro-Lifer’s and anyone who didn’t vote for the criminal Hillary Clinton. This group is increasingly becoming violent, lawless and divisive. Pushing socialism and extremely harmful Globalist policies. These liberals have a religious zealot style fanaticism.

On the GOP side the equally annoying & pompous christian never-Trumpers group, and the Rhinos, are stunned. They, along with the media, banks, world leaders, and radical Islam terrorist sympathizers, try to figure out how to control the seemingly uncontrollable Donald Trump. Winning both houses and Senate and having Trump deny the white house to Hillary was a huge slap In the face to the Establishment; they had already cried UNCLE. When Jeb Bush failed to secure his rigged nomination. Trump dismissed the woeful and standard 💩 GOP candidate hopefuls with ease. Those who ran were eventually rolled over by the Trump train. Choose Choo Mother Hubbard!

We now have a President-elect that both Establishment parties fear. A time in History when we the people can send a message to the politicians. Fix the economy, secure our borders and move the country in a positive direction. Most important, put Americans 1st, establish State rights and guarantee individual freedom, or we will vote you out!

May we be smart enough to hold our representatives accountable and not let our enemies divide us as a country.

AB #decorum

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