Formerly was using “Radical Republican” as my handle. Have decided, I’m now Calipublican. The new age of conservatism has arrived

Currently too busy resisting the #Resistance to put up a solid bio.
But here’s the nuts and bolts about me. I will add, edit update soon. 3-9-2017
I’m sure it’s of little importance to you anyway 🙂

Born-in America, California🎋 with a 10 year stint in Texas🌟
Constitutional Conservative. Believe in individual freedoms for all Americans.
This includes religion, lifestyles, and belief structures opposed to my own Christian values. The only exception is Islam. Islam is a political movement waging war for world domination, not a religion.

I do believe that a balance of National pride, patriotism, and harsh reality is healthy. We don’t want to indoctrinate our kids with BS. But a healthy sense of pride balanced with sobriety is good for overall morale and productivity of a successful society. I believe fully in the ideology of America. The idea that the individual is free to live, free to be who they are and to not be beaten down for political & religious opinions or ideas that are off the normal paths.

👪-Family man-👫👬🕴
Husband, Dad, & proud Grandpa. I love my family and wish the Left hadn’t decided to lose thier collective mind or i’d be spending more time with the family instead of working on #Cali4Trump.net. But when your country is under attack by liberal seditionists you stand up and fight back. The addition of outside agitators exploiting real and serious issues requires real American patriots step up. For our future generations I will do what I can while I’m here.

I have never been nor will I ever be a racist. My life is it’s own argument for the types of people I choose to love and whom I choose to spend time with. When joining twitter to begin advocating for Trump and attempting to sway minds in California and other States there was a swelling of anti white racist rhetoric swirling. Indeed it continues to this day. My name is a simple statement, It’s @ok to be white. Nothing more, nothing less. No shame, no blame, no BS lies will I accept. There is no such thing as “white privilege” and I do not have any reason to feel guilt for being born white. 650,000 whites died to free the slaves. My family didn’t own slaves. Any American that allows themselves to be part of a March where they tell you “it’s time for white people to be quiet”, is an idiot who doesn’t deserve the freedoms they have.

Standard issue, flesh wrapped poo, Disciple of Jesus. Ordained minister (& Recovering “Leader” 🙂 . Worship my God through working with local youth and other charities. I don’t picket, boycott, or bible thump. I worship, I praise, I pray, I proclaim; there is one God, One Lord, and one whose name can get you into heaven, Jesus~
If you turn my cheek, I’ll damn sure turn yours. Pro 20:30 Love
Having said that, I do not require other humans to share my beliefs, or give up their God given right’s to choose to be whomever they choose to be. My belief system does not require others to conform and comply with that same belief system.


🎼🎶-Musician-🎵 Audio Engineer🎚, Bass player🎸, Guitarist🎸, Vocalist🎤, Producer🎛, Drummer’ish

✔-Standard Jobs-✔Co owner of an ISP (back in the dial-up days28.8-k56/56k days 256kbroadband lol) and other businesses (web design etc.), Former Sales associate, Manager & Consultant (12 years exp) for various businesses, Tech Support MGR. Former Associate Editor and musical reviewer for a small California music magazine.
Bunches of other useless crap I should just not mention.

🏀-Coach-🏀 Current (Basketball grades K-12 -16yrs exp)

🏀-Basketball Referee-🏀Current

Education Support-⚠Current. Love 11+ years

♣-Politics-✊ Former (Democratic) political activist and fundraiser (CA), Former community activist for ACORN (CA, now defunct). Former grassroots organizer for various non-profit organizations in CA. Realized I was a conservative somewhere along the way and that I was assisting the true enemies of America and became a Republican long ago when I was young. I guess now I can work off my sins committed as a Democratic activist. I do not usually like to talk Politics unless formally debating or drinking at a bar. Just saying.
Have thought, stated, and advocated for years that it is time to #BringBlackBack2GOP

👪-Stay at home Dad-🕸
They said I was nuts when I walked away from the tech industry. Told everyone I was going to be a stay at home Dad for a few years and possibly more
(which is still ongoing, just cramming in pt work wherever it fits). It was an amazing time. Lots of cash, easy sales, and so much economic growth. I’ve never regretted walking away. The entire field took a dump not too long after I stepped away. I’ll blog some day about how I knew that was coming.

🕹-AVID GAMER-🎮 current PokemonGo master lvl36 (So fun with the kids and grand kids!). Too busy leveling my real life character to enjoy any serious gaming on xbox one and PC at the moment.

Sitting on a beach in Bodega Bay CA, summer 2016. I had just read the news that two priests had their throats slit during a worship service. I remembered the stories I had heard of Christians being slaughtered by the millions around the world for years. Recalled those I know myself who had fallen in ministries sent out from fellowships I belonged too. Islam, has declared a Jihad, it will not end until the World is under Sharia Law or they are beaten back into the gates of hell.

At the same time I had just come to terms with the fact that out of all the candidates that the GOP put up, Donald Trump was the best of all of them. It was clear “they” were pushing for a Bush Clinton campaign. The rig was in, but DJT was at his best and stole the show. He was the only one talking about jobs, inner cities, minorities, trade deals, the fed allowing currency devaluation to screw us. Big stuff. He slayed them all. Clinton squeaked by Bernie Sanders. Had she not, Bernie would probably be President. Thank you Hillary. But that day on that beach. All the areas came together and I knew, Donald Trump needed to be President. He could get all he needs done in 4 years and not need to run. But we have a #resistance coup going on and it must be stopped.

You Antifa bitches at U.C. Davis don’t know what you woke stopping my right to speak and have discourse at the Milo lecture with violence.

You will soon find out.

Thanks for stopping in, AB

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