Trump vs The Resistance


Trump is coming to California today to view wall prototypes and other scheduled meetings. Trump’s presence follows last week’s visit by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to the capital city of Sacramento. Since the moment Trump won the presidency liberals and never Trumpers in California have been snubbing their nose at Trump and disrespecting his presidency. These visits couldn’t come soon enough.

For those of you who have been doubting if Trump’s AG pick Jeff Sessions lacks the resolve to administer justice in liberal strongholds. Last weeks visit to California should bolster your confidence that change is here. Trump coming to visit border wall prototypes, priceless.

For many Trump supporters in California Session’s visit is seen as the first public return of fire from the Trump administration and our Justice Department against the heart of the felonious and seditious coup movement known as #TheResistance.
These visits are needed and welcomed by those seeking law and order restored to our immigration policies.

Something that is lost in the argument is that Californians in general are not opposed to the wall, but there is a need to establish a functioning worker visa program as well as identify productive illegals who have self identified under DACA and begin a process that is driven by State control working with the federal government. The illegal immigration problem in California and America as a whole has been exasperated by an out of control influx of illegals as well as increased overstays. Numbers suggest crossings are down. This mess we’ve made for ourselves has taken a long time of neglect to make. It’s going to be messy to clean up. My hope is cooler heads prevail.

On an opposite note, Governor of California Jerry Brown (Looking alert and spry) laid out an impassioned performance delivering a rebuke in which he stated, “This is basically going to war against the State California, the engine of the American economy.” A valid point worth keeping in mind, yet.

Realty? the battle lines were drawn after the election when California politicians and government workers began colluding with and supporting the national #TheResistance movement.

Session’s presence in Sacramento, California’s Capitol was precise in it’s purpose and affect. A much needed push back to a government leading a silent rebellion, that somehow includes members screaming at the sky from time to time.

Millions of Californians have yearned for support in the effort to make our government obey the law and it feels like we finally have movement in that direction. Everyone knows Jeff Sessions is usually a folksy and seemingly timid man, who is known for walking soft and carrying a big stick. On this visit he did not disappoint. He was here, and he was swinging heavy.
His words, on camera, and more importantly off camera, rocked the so called “#resistance” movement to the core and sent them into spin mode. First, backing away from the “Sanctuary State” proclamations as if laws hadn’t been passed recently by California legislators and leftist groups indeed declaring California proudly as a sanctuary state. Followed quickly by organized protests and media spin,

Focusing on the issue of California harboring and obstructing the application of immigration law against criminal illegal aliens. “How Dare you, 800 criminals are in the community because of the (Oakland) mayor”.

Can’t wait to see how Trump’s visit to the sunshine State goes. It will impact the political landscape and rally both bases that’s for sure. I’m still predicting Trump will win California in 2020.
If you think I’m reaching, take note, they said I was crazy when i said Trump would win in 2016.


Donald Trump, we pray you have a safe trip good sir. Welcome back to the mecca of the resistance. Good health and Godspeed. 



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