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First, not only…….12-2-2017

When I first logged on Twitter in Fall of 2016 I had no idea the hate I would draw from the lighthearted handle @oktobwhite and the monicker “Radical Republican”. Add identifying as a Christian conservative and in the Twitterverse I might as well have been the 😈….

For the last few months I have been frustrated at the RINOs and Liberals bent on protecting their secret by sabotaging the Trump Presidency. What secret? The fact if Trump can do the job efficiently why do we need life long career politicians? The reality we don’t. The fraud of both parties led me to rock the monicker SADNOTMAD.

I have decided that it’s time to head in a more focused direction. From this point on I’m simply #Calipublican . Stumping for California and Trump in these changing times. Below is the first post on the new front page.

Essentially, less me, more issues, more California, more winning. It’s a new day for the Republican party, time to take our State back.


California is currently the 6th largest economy in the world. With such a large amount of currency flow, operating at a deficit and hiding corruption amongst the floating debt is easy to do. So much that over 20 years California’s economy has dwindled down from the third largest economy in the world to that celebrated 6th. Mostly due to CA State regulations and over taxation. California politicians have ran businesses out of State and out of the country. Now is the time to work to bring jobs back. Trump’s agenda is good for all Californians. #Engage

The policies of RINO’s and liberal Democrats has devastated California’s economy. The economic divide is widening and very real.

We need to deliver a message to the politicians in California, that the game is over.

Right before our very eyes the establishment ‘left’ hosed Bernie Sanders, Trump at the same time drop kicked “Baby Jeb” Bush’s ambitions and his appointment by the GOP straight into the dust. Now the same establishment ‘RINO’s’ and radical dissenters continue to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency, in many cases on the California taxpayers dime.

It is up to us to ensure California has a sustainable economy and a healthy environment for our future generations as well as maintaining a middle class quality of life for our current and future populace.

Contact your CA representatives and ensure that they help California benefit from the MAGA agenda. You don’t even need to switch parties. Trump is a moderate Democrat as it is. He was just smart enough to know the Dems would have

Verify you are their constituent when you call. It makes a difference when you contact your representatives.


It’s time for California to #engage the President of the United States in vigorous debate and discourse in order to make California affordable again. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, #ENGAGE. – AB

We are Californians, we can make great deals with Trump. Our President isn’t an ideologue stuck in one mindset. He can change his mind, but not his core values and passion, they remain the same. A deep love for America and the American people. That doesn’t exclude him loving others.

1. Build The Wall
Sure, President Trump, you can build a wall. But we want you to supply us a fat chunk of change so we can commission artists and workers from all over CA to design and create an amazing and secure wall. As President Trump said, “It will be a fantastic wall, you will love it. Believe me”. We also want an amazing gate for our seasonal migrant workers.

2. Illegal Immigration
We need the #BadHombres gone, a sensible working visa program, and lawful immigration.

3. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.
Do I really have to explain the upside of the tax cuts and booming economy for Californian’s?

4. Environmentalism.
Trump is not a science denier. He is a science believer. He knows we have misapplied our science funds to politicians associates companies to create “green” technologies that in most cases were more harmful than the original products they were made to replace.

We need to unleash the science community to gather more and more data, do more studies, advance our understanding. We need to study and document more and more, not pretend it’s all settled science. Test, do enough studies to begin to have comparable data with proper controls.

You may not like his tweets. But President Trump is handling his job duties as our world representative like a true BOSS. I really see no reason to complain.

6. Healthcare
This is too important to simply “resist” as a State, sitting in the corner like toddlers. We need to be a part of the discussion on the replace aspect of this topic.

More to come….

Updated 12-2-2017 5:36AM

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