Poking the Bear – Dangers that lurk in the shadows of plain sight.

Dear “They”, don’t mind little ole’ me rambling on about your sins, nobody is paying attention anyway…

The beloved “THEY”
You hear it all the time in discussions about who really runs the world. We refer to the surreptitious “them,” and it is understood without explanation who “they” are. In discussions about ancient brotherhoods, powerful associations between these secret and not so secret Organizations. Stories abound of the banking unions and cartels linked to guild groups and being allied through certain Universities and businesses. These groups all tied in to the military establishment with more collusion and back room deals going on than one could ever imagine. Leading to ‘power’ families using these systems to pump out elite prodigies like 1950’s factories with no regulations to slow their progress.

The political and wealthy Elite are creating a new aristocracy and ruling class in plain view of everyone. Not only throughout the world, but also right here in America, and I say again, right before our eyes and without reservation or hesitation. “They” are intertwined in every aspect of our society.


Like a hound dog blitzing itself frantically into the ground when it’s hunt is cornered and burrowed in, devouring earth with true efficiency, “They” take all they want at will. It used to be that “they” would take a large piece of the pie and leave enough pie for the rest of us. However it seems nowadays they they want the whole pie and to leave us just enough crumbs to survive.


I don’t have to name any of them specifically. After all, we playfully call their existence conspiracy theories and dismiss them expediently when brought up in serious conversations. We know the horrible realities that “they” inflict on our society, yet speak of it playfully. The truth dances like a spastic tin-man at the tip of our mind, but the blatant abuse is so bad our sensibilities force us to become delusional and keep moving ahead, un-tethered to the harsh reality in front of our eyes. Like victims with Stockholm Syndrome, unwilling to admit we see what our offenders are doing. Refusing to believe fully the things we are actually seeing.

Ignoring is a coping mechanism
Perhaps we just have to pretend it’s just all in our our imagination. That the truth couldn’t be right in our faces the entire time. We wouldn’t allow ourselves to be controlled and manipulated so easily. Surely, we are smarter than that?! How could we justify knowing they are controlling our economies, forcing us into hurried and wasteful lifestyles and we just play along? To admit they own our politicians who are involved in the con in a much more obscene and evil way is hard. However, if the Healthcare vote recently held in the Senate wasn’t proof to you that our leaders are on the take and truly are sellouts and are bought and paid for, nothing ever will be. It’s hard to admit we are a kept citizenry and slaves to the system that is a shadow of what it once was. A system swallowed up by the monopolies that dominate our systems of commerce . We are slaves to the corporations that own everything: media, politicians, commerce, arms, etc.; essentially the country is owned, in reality, by corporations who are run by “them”. The 1% of the 1%.


These corporations own everything. They are why you change the radio and all the stations are on commercial. It’s why costs seem more fixed and rise steadily with no but don’t go down as much. It’s why the power of the dollar has plummeted and you have so much less buying power at the register these days.

Our financial puppet masters have been good at keeping us busy and engaged in our hectic lives so we don’t have time to stop them from plundering our pocketbooks. Our slave masters are willing to sacrifice our lives, our time and our freedom in order to line their pockets. Yet I say again, and you know the words I speak are true. What is happening is right before our eyes; we know it is happening and nothing has ever been done or probably never will be done to stop them without consequence of death.


Again, I don’t have to say who these people are, as most you know of whom I speak. If you do not know, you would only need to spend a few hours on the internet to be well on your way to understanding who the puppet masters of the world are. In this modern time of information flow we have the knowledge. Just no understanding or willingness to engage the necessary tactics it would take to undo what has been done to us and what is being done to us now. We seem to just shrug our shoulders and all agree, this is what is happening and that’s the way it is and always will be.


We know how the Federal Reserve is deeply immersed in the workings of our Economy and manipulates it to maximize the squeezing of our assets from our hands and into the hands of the Global Elites. We know they have stolen our birthright and taken our ability to achieve true economic and political freedom. These multitude of banks have devoured our economy, devalued our dollar, and crushed our economic power worldwide, slowly over years. These are the real power players and scammers who happen to own our politicians and media as well. Controlling all arms of American society. education, economy, media, & politics. They collude daily on all things, in plain sight. We watch them, make note of their misdeeds, and do nothing. Never willing to cut off the beast at the pass, we take our pittance like blind beggars in the streets.


How do we fix the problem?
The first real step and saving grace for us is that we still have freedom of the press. It’s odd how so many in our press choose to abuse that freedom and allow themselves to be useful idiots or traitors. However, right now our media is owned by the same “They”, we speak of so how can real news and information be distributed to the masses within such an arrangement? In truth, there are too many monopolies in the media and our FCC regulations need to be lessened and streamlined for more people to be allowed into the market. To remedy this regulations need to be revamped on the monopolies in all industries of our  country are out of control. We are long overdue for our corporate laws to be revamped we need to desperately break up the out of control grip “they” have on the American economy. Applying laws already on the books is a really good idea and a simple solution.

Another required step toward long term recovery for our country and toward reclaiming our national sovereignty would be to change the American dollar back to the gold standard or at least start with a silver standard as proposed by President Kennedy. By removing the gold standard from our dollar in 1973, Nixon robbed us of our monetary sovereignty and stunted individual Americans ability to grow wealth as well as we had before. It was the final nail in the coffin of our true capitalist system. However the first nail in creating this mess was allowing the Federal Reserve (private banks) to oversee our economics. A mistake that left then president Woodrow Wilson to reflect and comment “I gave away my country”


Speaking of banks and money, after the last engineered American economic disaster (housing/banking), hundreds of billions of dollars came in to the banks coffers after the bubble that they created, popped. Then we, the taxpayers, out of our hard earned money “Bailed them out”. But think about this, the banks received 80% of the funds on houses that defaulted because they were federally insured. The other “losses” 20%+ recouped upon asset sales or tax write offs. “They” in realty, had lost no money except on paper. The bubble, forgive my simplification, was due to overblown value assessments that were correcting, that was all. But these scammers cooked the books and made a case that they were failing and needed cash. In addition they were making billions betting on the losses that they knew were coming, more profit. One hand loses a billion while the other receives 100 billion. And yet we still funneled billions into their coffers after they drained our economy. “Too big to fail” they said. This “bailout” was allegedly so the banks could “have liquidity and make loans in a freer market” they said. The reality, loans tightened, few who caused the chaos went to prison, most pawns, and we all did nothing. And will probably do the same when the next fabricated bubble pops. Truth be told, we are just a bunch of punk bitches getting taken like fools with unwilling to step up and stop it. No courage, no loyalty to country. WE DO NOTHING


The schemes these bankers play with paper money are devious. We chase a shadow of what once was the American dream. Freedom from financial servitude, freedom of individual pursuits, and the freedom of movement.

And we know that we are stuck in a “rat race”, we see it right in front of our face. Yet we do nothing to break free, we remain shackled in our mind. Even I will muster only enough courage to discuss the fact that we know it’s happening. And that discussion simply scribbled down in a blog that only a few people stop in to read every now and again.

Everforward through the fog we go!
To recap we know who “they” are, we have their names, the exact amounts they have taken, the corruption and manufactured crisis’ they use to control us, all documented. We know the how, the who, and it’s all in plain sight. We know the horrid crimes they commit, the unlawful yet not exactly illegal practices that they get away with. Schemes that are legal, but somehow completely immoral.

Perhaps at some point we wake up and say enough! Let “them” know we have had enough. We may reach a point where it is time to take back our civil liberties and freedom. The time to retake our economic freedoms as sovereign American citizens. God willing we can someday, yet I fear that we lack the decorum and respect to communicate this solution into existence.

We have allowed “them” to divide us. Like a bunch of drunk WWE fans we bicker and fight over a rigged outcome already set in motion by the pit bosses ahead of time. We are aware of the charade yet we play along with the fight as if it is real. Allowing ourselves the distractions we need to excuse away the Bear who now sleeps  in our homes and mauls and devours all we love and care for.

/poke – go away bear, bad bear, shoo!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled self induced delusion

Antonio Belladonna – Red Pill Promoter

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