Pro America Rally held in Sacramento is a resounding success

This past Saturday 7-08-2017 the “Unite America First Peace Rally” was held at the California State Capital. There were the ‘Good ‘ol Boys band for entertainment and there were booths. Booths with information on 2A, 1A, Child Indoctrination, Gas Taxes, Government Overreach (on a variety of issues), an empathy booth (listening excercises) and much more. fistLuckily for the attendees there was plenty of free water to beat back the scorching high heat. The event proudly boasted a wide variety of diverse speakers. Those speakers backgrounds included political candidates, activists, and patriot citizens. All who spoke on quite a wide range of topics and issues.

Ultimately Will Johnson and the organizers put together “Unite America First Peace Rally” with the intention to “bring together varying political views and backgrounds”. There was room for improvement but the diverse crowd and speaker-ship made the day. The theme was extremely positive and focused on being active in our communities in CA, and in working hard to see pro American issues placed in the forefront of local politics. With Conservatives, Alt-Right members, Libertarians, Democrats, Independents along with other Patriotic Americans coming together to #engage, network and celebrate the greatness of our country, it couldn’t be considered anything but a success.

By my count (was there all day) about 300 people gathered in mass at the days peak with about 450-500 attendees coming and going in total throughout the day. With crowds trailing off as the day went on. The numbers were lower than expected mainly due to the scorching heat (which almost drove me away) and in my opinion a lack of advertising beyond social media.

The rally was unsoiled by the usual droning chants of the #Resistance coup movement as there attempt at a counter protest was held a short distance away. This made the atmosphere for the event much more enjoyable at the “Unite America First Peace Rally.”


The small Anti America protest formed in Fremont Park at 16th and Q streets. The local chapter of Act Now to Stop War and End Racism hosted an anti-Trump event. Dispite the fact there was no “Pro-Trump” events being held per se. That said, sources tell us that about 15 people gathered in the heat holding signs with messages such as “Solidarity Trumps Racism.” Oliver Harvey said he hoped to encourage community members to participate politically and educate themselves and stated the standard #resistance talking points of the week.

“Unite America First Peace Rally” Organizer Will Johnson, a 46-year-old Bay Area resident, fired the crowd up with a tempered high energy and patriotic message.
The P.A. allowed the crowd to disperse under the shade of the trees and hear the speeches with ease. A definite bonus. From the first speech to the last the one common message was about unifying and becoming active to ensure change in the way our State is governed.


Travis Allen (candidate for Governor), Janine DeRose (candidate for Senate) and others stumped for their respective campaigns and spoke on the issues of the day.


Harim Uziel, Tony “The Tiger” Lopez and Marco Gutierrez among others spoke on topics from legal immigration, 2A, constitutional law, CA specific issues, and free speech. There was a lot of positive talk on the importance of legal immigration and a need for a refined worker visa program by most of the speakers throughout the day.

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The heavy hitter of the day was hands down Omar Navarro. Navarro is running for U.S. Senate in southern CA. He spoke on the corruption in our political environment and used his opponent Maxine Waters’ own actions, words, and political voting record as a case in point. Making the point clear that it is time for her to go. CA needs for this young man to pull out a miracle and get himself elected.

The Right, must Dethrone Maxine Waters.


While Omar Navarro was the political heavy hitter the most moving and chilling speech was delivered by Aynaz Anni Cyrus.  Sold as a child bride at the age of 14 Aynaz spoke humbly and with first hand knowledge of the ungodly Islamic movement. Her story carried a lot of weight and was sobering and convicting to the heart. At one point she stopped and made a distinct point. She said “If you care for me as a person, if you care and value the things I am speaking on today. THen do me one favor. This is important. Stop calling Islam a religion. It is not. It is an ideology designed to control and enslave.” she followed “Do me this one favor, stop calling Islam, a religion. It must not be allowed to pretend it is a religion any longer.” Her speech made enduring the whole day in the heat, completely worth it.
You can follow Aynaz @

Around 4 p.m. the event was winding down. This left about 100 attendees to listen to closing speaker Kyle Chapman, aka Based Stickman. Chapman became known after a video of him at a March 4 rally in Berkeley defending Trump supporters from violent attacks by Antifa terrorists went viral. Chapman delivered remarks promoting free speech, criticizing illegal immigration and clarified he is not a white separatist.

After that the event pretty much wound down.

I can’t wait to cover the next event and hope it is sooner rather than later.

If you missed this one make sure not to miss the next one. 

Stay in touch with UNITE AMERICA FIRST @

Antonio Belladonna~ 7-10-2017


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