America-Re-Declaring Independence Today

-America- Independence of representative governance
America is celebrating our independence from Tyrannical British rule today. It was 241 years ago on this day those brave men declared the rights given to them by God and guaranteed them in writing in the Magna Carta to the world. They risked their homes and very lives to rebel against the ruling class and demand their rights.

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The idea, that the elite ruling class could just decide the fate of the masses without representation or consideration of consequence was commonplace in those days. The spirit and need to be a free people that led to the amazing and groundbreaking independence of our colonies in America and changed the world, was not.

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America- Land of the Rebel spirit
It is not surprising that we ended up this way. Free, feisty, and ready to argue and put up a fight for what is right. It is in our very blood. It is at the core of who we are as a people. A people with a deep and passionate spirit that gives us the heart and desire to push through the tough times as individuals and a nation. It is us deep, in the very fiber of our essence, the core of our nature. In my opinion, it is by design, at the hand of God.

How could we not be rebels. When the English sent settlers here they sent the religious rebels. The hard to handle, the thinkers. The English thought we would be easier to handle at a distance and that our need for freedom and independence would shrink in a new land. The settlers from the other European countries were the same. We got the feistiest Irish, Italians, Spaniards, etc.

Think about this as well. In Africa, the strong men in the villages who called for change to the systems of government or rubbed leaders the wrong way were shipped out and sold into slavery. Rebels, thinkers, independent minded people, a theme here, no?

Imagine the fat village chiefs so proud of themselves for removing these “troublesome” warriors. Then imagine their dismay when the wars came to their villages and the strong men they had sold into slavery weren’t there to fight to stop the British from wiping out their lands for the rubber they needed for the wars. Only 10% of slaves from Africa made it to North America, I believe we got the most spirited and independent of them in America, by God’s design.

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This has continued until only recently. The hard working & independent people who desire freedom and the opportunity to not be ruled by Tyrants have comprised the core of our people since it’s inception and through our history. Through all hardships and trials, this spirit has never dimmed.

The GOP & DNC have become the modern day Monarchical system.
The political system in America has become too corrupt in recent years. Leading up to the Presidential Election in 2016 there was a serious foreboding of doom looming in the air of America. An apathy for the system of government and the ability to get outsoders to the political world elected. A dark and pessimistic attitude about our place in the World, our individual freedoms, and our lack of representation in our government. It seems politicians have become convinced that they can lie in campaigns and then do the opposite of what they promised and that we are too stupid to care or do anything about it.


They acted like we didn’t notice the rigging of elections, the system being now born of entitlements and nepotism. The obvious and shameful attempt in this last election to rig a Bush/Clinton rematch was the insult that America could just not take. If not for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, one of those horrible candidates would be President and we would be in a lot worse shape than we are now. I thank God for them both. In a nutshell, the GOP/DNC are a bunch of lawyers pretending to fight and collecting the checks from the fallout. The Dems, wasted a super majority of Congress, Senate and White House and then received a rebuke at the ballot box. The GOP seems to be looking to do the same by not moving quickly on Healthcare, taxes, and bringing back jobs to America. These politicians seem to think they will be in power forever, that the system won’t change. I don’t share their confidence, we the people are not going to stand by and do nothing anymore.


Trump’s presidency is the new declaration of independence.
In November 2016, “We the People” declared our independence from the nepotism, the collusion, the spineless and feckless leadership of both parties. Many rallied around the Independent candidate running on the Republican ticket, Donald J. Trump. Many rallied around Bernie Sanders the Dem candidate, but the one thing that was clear, the usual slick politician who can lie and work the system for their own gain, was out. American independence and fight, is back in.

We as Americans, elected a strong man who will not back down from a fight and who shows the same grit and determination that the common American citizen does. The same spirit and love of country, and countrymen alike. Someone who has had personal success in their actual own life’s work. Not just a resume filled with years of public “service” that somehow led to them being multi-millionaires. To that, we said hell no!

The working class decided that we wanted individual freedoms, pride of country, and that the expectation for our government to work hard to make our country Great for its citizens. Not to fleece our pockets in order to prop up the worlds economy.

This wonderful declaration of our Independence is amazing! However it is currently being met by many who are against American greatness, individual freedoms, and even our great president. Remember, they may be wrong about the facts of their argument, but don’t misunderstand where the spirit to fight comes from, it is a very American thing to do. Those who are criminals (antifa/seditioinists) should be in jail. But the rebellious spirit we see, should not be a surprise. It is a part of who we are. I believe as the facts become clearer, more and more people will see the blessing that our President is. I believe they will also appreciate this unique moment in the history of the Greatest nation ever, the United States of America.

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Remain free, independent, and American.
On this Independence day, July 4th, 2017, I wish all Americans a happy independence day. Remember that we are all a little contentious and stubborn, but in the end, we are also all Americans. Let’s remember that today, and all the days of our future. Be free and show decorum.

May God continue to bless and mold us as a christian society. Holding to the principles of free will and choice. May civility guide us and may the forces of anarchy be silenced under boot. These forces very purpose of existence is to rob us of the freedoms we hold dear.

Remember you rebel Americans, you are right to celebrate our independence, be proud, be loud, be free, and most of all be American.

God Bless you and yours, Antonio Belladonna


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