MSNBC & CNN – Enemies of the State

One thing has become clear from the 2016 presidential election and the political fallout that has accompanied it. The fact that CNN and MSNBC and quite a few others have no credibility as news organizations and in fact, aren’t even real news.


For those of you old enough to remember the monumental changes these networks brought to the news business and the way we received our news in general, this is a bit sad to see. Like watching giants dying by their own hand. Relics, shells of what they once were or perhaps just showing what they were all along.


To see these two fall so far from the days when they were legitimate and groundbreaking news organizations is just really hard to believe. One solace is that there are many sources to get information from these days from various bias’ and viewpoints. But the days of CNN getting in and getting to the raw truth of a story, is over.

The entire election process and the last 25 years has exposed a large portion of American journalism as a fraud and sham. With these two organizations, as leaders in fake news. At best they can be viewed as narrative news (#narrativenews). These organizations are essentially just high level production houses that produce hit pieces and spy for and provide cover for, the DNC and turncoat GOP’ers. Spinning stories lined with small amounts of truth that are then shaped and molded into the stories that fit the particular spin of the day. Simply put, they seek to control the minds of Americans and how we think about a wide range of political issues. It is the reason the tweets cause them so.much stress. Trump just bypasses them.


At this point you can throw WAPO, NYT’s, and a lot of other traditional news sources in that same pile of fake news outlets that are just devoid of credibility. The upside, we knew the bias and lies were there, now they are at least in plain view and verifiable.



With Jim Acosta’s recent fits over WH presser seating and a lack of air time for CNN, the network has shown little improvement. It seems to be incapable of even being professional in a White house setting. Showing no signs of correcting the path they are on. The first step would be to have their lead anchor resign. You know, Anderson Cooper, CIA Agent, lead conspirator in the attempted coup by the #Resistance movement? These organizations along with others colluded and are colluding to impede the American government, Obstruct our government business, and to control the votes in our future elections. Shameful


The damage these organizations have done to America’s credibility in the journalism industry is staggering. The lack of integrity and ethics has given them an extremely poor reputation worldwide. The misinformation has spread throughout the industry and put in question as a whole the very idea of an “informed populace” In America. The poor education standards and SJW brainwashing lends to the idea of a truly “educated populace” even bekng possible in America right now.  These unsubstantiated and unverified narratives have been redistributed and reported on throughout the news world. Decades of un factual ideologies spun as fact in classrooms and news media. It is up to us to hold them accountable and expect better from the media in the future.7849944937d00521d751220ca7cfd40f

Even more stunning is the recent additional proof provided by showing these news organizations are actually aligned as strategic arms of the Democratic party and knowimgly pushing stories without proof. Essentially they are members of the Deep State coup movement. From giving questions to preferred candidates to use in debates up to leaking private and classified information, MSNBC and CNN has shown themselves to be corrupt and devoid of any credibility. Leaking those fake stories in collusion with government employees to cover up the past administration’s infractions. Running stories with “anonymous sources” & “unnamed insiders”, only to find these stories were made up.


To be clear. These organizations made up lies, pretended to have a source for said lies, and then printed those lies/stories with no credible sources or verifiable proof. Scary to say the least, possibly criminal. It seems to make sense that Trump would call these specific networks “enemies of the State”. It appears they are. Their actions display that these networks seek to make the facts whatever they say they are, as opposed to just being what they are.

Buyer Beware, it’s a tough market out there.🇺🇸❤👌💯

Antonio Belladonna


(c) 2017 (t) 2008 GMP ENTERTAINMENT

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