10 topics more important than Russia Trump #NarrativeNews

In light of all the effort and energy spent focusing on the #fakenews Russia Conspiracy Stories I find it very interesting that there are so many issues, important issues, being ignored daily as reporters continue to push narratives and lies to the American people and the World.

Here’s a list of things I think could easily replace the time spent talking about the made up #RussiaGate stories. These topics at least deserve more attention than they get now or received in the past. Even those that don’t believe the Russia stories are #narrative news, should understand a need to have a more balanced news cycle.

Tweet @oktobwhite anything that you find more important than the #RussiaGate #narrative news stories.

Here’s my top 10.

1. Healthcare.
Full Disclosure: I have had two heart surgeries and am scheduled to have another in about 15 more years, if I live that long. I was given a week to live when I was born. I have had quite a few health issues over the years. I find nothing political about this subject. Obamacare has now rendered the good planning and sacrafices my family and I have made to make sure I would be able to have health insurance long term, irrelevant. I can’t change what Congress and Obama have done but I do not have high hopes that this will end up done right.

As I said above, Obama and the Democrats got us into this mess. It appears the GOP is too weak to outright repeal Obamacare and get us out of the Healthcare business. Scarier is the realization that no one is willing to say that we have been building a house of cards and that it will collapse around us soon. Nobody dares to say that we are going to experience serious growing pains in order to fix this mess. There should be mass coverage and debate on this topic to ensure we get it as right as possible. It is highly politicized and is not covered properly and both parties need to be held accountable.

2. Taxes.
Every President and session of Congress in my lifetime has failed to get real tax reform settled. The Government is taking way too much of our money and wasting it on bloated government projects. Large Corporations have found a way around monopoly laws, shamefully so. The system needs to be reformed, and the I.R.S. needs to be dissolved. The tax code must be simplified and it needs to be done now. Our press and “We The People” should be demanding we drain the swamp of this useless and bloated beast.

3. Internet –
I believe the issue of Net Neutrality is important and should be dealt with. I support it 100%. However equally as important is the need to get the Internet name Servers back under U.S. control. The U.N. has no business running the Internet. This is a threat to International Freedom.

4. Homelessness and Poverty
There is a massive homelessness problem in areas throughout the country. One of those areas is my neighborhood. Not enough time at all has been spent on this by the media. This must be resolved. It is why no immigrants should get social assistance for at least 5 years of being in the country. We have people in this country that need help. There is a large number of Mental Health patients among the homeless as well. A story that needs to get out and be dealt with on its own merits.

5. Worker Visa and Immigration Reform (Laws, not Executive Orders).
There is a lot of work that needs to be done legislatively by congress. There should be coverage and stories about the legal process and how it works. What assimilation is and how it has benefited us historically in America. There should be reporting on the fact that congress has done very little outside of lined its own pockets while looking the other way on this subject. We need efficient worker visa laws and procedures. We need to redefine our goals in light of the last 50 years of advancements. Get busy MSM!

6. BIG GOVERNMENT. Poison in the water….
Bureaucracy growth is a puzzling and complex thing, yet so simple and easy to understand as well. In my opinion, our government agencies are designed to allow themselves to grow rapidly and unchecked. You can’t have efficiency monetarily in a government agency, if, an agency will lose money in the following year’s budget for not spending the entire budget allocated for the current calendar year.
Let that sink in. A complicated, yet simple problem indeed.

By design, all government agencies, must spend their allocated budget or risk not receiving that same amount the following year. If you do not show a need and spend at budget (or over) you will not get allocated a full budget the following year. Rather they will receive the amount they spent the previous year. No incentive to save, to be efficient and good stewards with our, “We The People’s”, money.

From City, County, State, and Federal agencies this is true in most instances. The key to reclaiming billions in wasted money is something I believe the MSM should be reporting on. Keeping our government honest and stopping them from growing so quickly is as well.

Nixon set us on the course to being tied to the paper game when he set aside the using of gold as the standard of value for our dollar system. He thought it was a bad idea but wanted to prove to those around him who said that it would be good idea that it wouldn’t work. He was right. However, he got involved in some of his staffs affairs and like the “War on Drugs, we still have this flawed decision he was “trying” in place and being executed to this day.

This is important and needs to be remedied. How much Gold is left in Fort Knox?

8. WAR on Drugs
Since I mentioned it in the last section, the senseless war on American freedom must end. Stopping cocaine and opium etc. from entering America is important. However, Marijuana needs to be taken off the table and rescheduled by Congress. It is only still desirable to keep illegal because politicians use the arrests when quoting crime stats. Thousands of good people are in Prison for a victim less crime.

For my conservative Christian friends who get all butt hurt about this subject. I remind you. Jesus, as his first miracle, turned water into wine; For a crowd of people at a wedding who had already ran out of wine. They were drunk. My Lord made some wicked wine for a bunch of wasted people. His… first… miracle.
Do you think he gives two craps about somebody smoking weed? We have to embrace freedom for all. You do you, as they say. We need to deal with real criminals, not potheads. It’s ridiculous. Media, do your damn job. Both parties have participated in this madness.

9. Seditious and violent behavior on the Left
100% not reported at all. When there is a story it is narrated and misrepresented. This needs to be reported. The attack on free speech and expression is in full force.

10. Infiltration and politicization of Academia
Our education system has been hijacked. It is out of balance and needs to be adjusted. It used to be you would get all the idealistic ideas put in your head in grammar school. Essentially you were slightly indoctrinated with pro America stories and History.
As Jr. High and High School would hit you would get more cynical aspects of those same stories. You were told the darker sides of the history you had learned. In college the many viewpoints and biases were introduced and brutal world was laid bare. This led to most people, whether you were left, middle or right minded in politics, with a reasoned thought process. You would find on most occasions that Americans share more commonalities, than differences. There was a genuine understanding of the world and an understanding that being American was unique, and amazing.

What we have now is mind conditioning. Anti male, anti American integration culture. A purposeful deconstruction of our American Culture from Kindergarten through college. The narrative is warping the fabric of who we are and must be fixed now. The media is failing in reporting this because it comes from the stench of this part of the swamp.

Please tweet me any topics you think I missed~

Antonio Belladonna

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