A cold chill shoots down my spine.
The words had barely left my mouth and I desperately wanted them back.
I wanted them to not be true, but they were spoken, and they were indeed true.

“This is war, and we are in California, the front-line”.

Equally as hard to believe were the words that came next.

“In reality, we are the real resistance against these seditious traitors. Either we win this with civility or by spilling blood, but we have to win this”.

Understand, this was a few months ago and I’m in a moment where I’m sharing with a friend and fellow Trump supporter what I’ve seen since the election. I have been attending meetings, rallies, planning sessions, and coffee chats where hypothetical chaos and hate speech becomes organized plans for sedition. The reality is, there are seriously militant people actively working against our government and they are planning a coup. Anyone that rocks the #Resistance or #Antifa hashtag is a suspect at minimum. They are either a person who is  way over informed with #narrativenews or they are an informed enemy combatant.

These well intended useful idiots along with some evil and very shady actors, with very bad intentions, are plotting and executing their seditious plans in CA and other States with seeming ease. In plain view, for all to see. Shutting down marches, speeches, and sabotaging commerce are warmups.

California, is the Mecca of this idiotic ideology and normalized insanity and these agitators work freely without fear of consequence, for now. Although in California we have massive issues of our own to deal with, my State, has decided to be in a pissing contest with the President of the United States of America, and the agenda of half the country. Despite the fact 1 in 3 Californians voted Trump and 1 in 3 did not vote Hillary they act as if they, the progressive left, are the majority with an overwhelming mandate. When they are clearly not.

California has even gone so far as to pay corrupt Eric Holder (Former U.S. AG) to flood the Federal legal system with mass legal filings, directing them through outsourced vendors and an array of .org’s and Government agencies. Our CA Senators, Congress Reps, government agencies of all types while on the payroll are using their time to undermine the President, his agenda, and our country. The recent attacks against Omar Navarro’s (Maxine Waters opponent in the next election) head of Security is disconcerting and brings a stark realization of the circumstances and seriousness of the unlawful and illegal actions taking place. As well as displaying the lengths this seditious movement will go to in order to maintain and keep power.

So It’s sinking in. I’m slowly accepting it. Being attacked for being conservative while attending a Milo lecture at U.C. Davis CA before the election last Fall was a stark awakening for me. Being called a racist by strangers who have no idea how comical that statement is regarding me has become commonplace. That rude and uninformed behavior is now considered normal social mannerisms for the Left.

It was in this conversation with my friend that I realize, I’m not going to spend the summer making music and entertaining people. I’m not going to coach basketball as much as I normally do. The positive impact that I add to my city and community will diminish in it’s normal role. I will now do more writing, debating while believing in our country, our constitution, our values and social principles and the sanity of our citizenry. I will stump for our System of Government and the greatness of our union. I am committed to supporting our Republic during this political crisis.

But, to be perfectly honest, it sucks that I have to become an activist again just because a bunch of cry babies lost an election and decided to let a bunch of insane anarchist take over their political party.  It is time now to fully #engage and as Scott Pressler says,
Be #ThePersistance. I like the sentiment and will work hard at stopping the Left’s plans and persist at making America Great Again.



‘Be civil, but be prepared to fight to survive’. Chilling words told to me by an acquaintance on the Left. Some of these people, in this #resistance movement, speaking from what I have seen; Think those of us who voted for Trump aren’t deserving of human status and deserve to die. When I ask “what about my kids, my grand-kids?”, some of whom have differing views. The response was “if they associate with a Trump supporter they deserve to die”. Oddly most people I speak with who are drinking the liberal kool-aid  are puzzled by my support of Trump. There is a common thought that I am just mis-informed. You can’t know me and toss me in the box of common insults. It just doesn’t work for so many reasons. You can’t call me a racist, misogynist, xenophobe and all that crap. My life just doesn’t support it and they know it. So I’m just the quiet anomaly, smile, play dumb, listen. Pretend I’m playing Pokemon-Go (sometimes not pretending) and take notes. Lots and lots of notes, bewildered at what is happening in my State.

So the war is here, it may still be a war of words and legal motions and lawsuits, or in many instances, the war of fists; but the war is real, raging, and being waged right now in America. What side are you on? America’s?

We are in a fight for our Republic. For our constitutional guarantee of individual freedoms. We are in a fight to preserve our American Heritage and History. A fight to no longer allow ourselves to be defined by people in America who hate the country they live in. People who seem to love ideologies that will rob us, as a country, of our very spirit, honor, and soul. We are at war to keep our individual sovereign freedoms given by God and guaranteed by the constitution. Fighting to keep our unique identity as the land of individual opportunity self sufficiency, and religious freedoms. We are at War to remain humbly, the greatest nation that has ever existed. We are in a war for the very minds of our people and our future.

We in a war, against Radical Islam.

Our teachers, MSM, as well as the political and religious leaders have become weak and timid Islamic apologists They have began to let the wolves in the hen-house but forgot to teach the kids to how protect themselves from the dangers the wolf presents. They told them the wolf was harmless, devoid of danger. That the wolf is loving and peaceful.
They lied.
Radical Islam as an ideology is spreading via a militant alliance of terrorist organizations that seek to force the World to submit to Islam. These Islamist fundamentalists seek to institute Sharia Law throughout the world, by any means necessary. This movement lives by the belief that Mohammad is the only way to God and that he is the highest prophet and that the world should be subject to these beliefs and subject to Sharia Law. Islam is in truth a form of Governmental and military plan for world domination disguised as a Religion. The extremes are rigid and the teachings can make it easy to recruit Americans. With American youths bored with the watered down versions of American Christianity, Islam seems more hip and genuine. Youth who lack a solid foundation are drawn to causes and institutions that have a “keeping it real” vibe. The structure of the Islamic movement replaces the lack of family structure that many children of liberals who had friends and not parents. American youth, having been taught this, just think it’s another religion like all the others. CAIR and other organizations have neutered and altered History curriculum and speech. Essentially they have been allowed to brainwash our kids in public schools. Add to the delusional impressions given by Academia and the media by only being taught a negative history of Christianities history.

There is also an alarming number of Sharia Law advocates within our government. This is not acceptable as it plays into the overall war for American Sovereignty regarding the constitution. Sharia Law supersedes the constitution when applied and violates human rights. Sharia law gives the Islamist freedom to rape and kill Christians, Gays, Atheists, Buddhists, Sikhs, and all others who defy converting to Islam.

Islam takes aim at destroying American culture and are at war for our very freedom and unique identity as the greatest nation that ever existed. We are in a war for the minds of our people. Whatever adults, young or old, who remain in their right minds please engage in debate. Speak out with passion, reason, patience, and out of love for your country and countrymen alike. Sharia Law and Islam must never dominate America or the World.

We The People must keep our country together.
With so many polarizing events since the 2016 presidential election it’s really hard to keep up. The mobilization and active sedition movement known as #TheResistance keeps working 24/7 to Make America Poor & Communist and just won’t relent. The polarization caused by American Mainstream Media and Politicians all vying for popularity and wealth is reaching a boiling point. As stated earlier It seems the outcomes are not being considered, nor the collateral damage of our loss of civility and decorum when pursuing these selfish ambitions. The tensions keep intensifying, and the anger seems palpable. What could come next in this war is to me, still unthinkable, but plausible. We have to be greater than our disagreements.

Civility and Decorum

“Without unity, the Constitution is just a piece of paper”- Abraham Lincoln


Even if MSM has chosen to sell their souls to the globalist New World Order and are annoyed that their not active participants with president Trump in creating the narrative. They still continue to try and control the story and minds of the American people. They just fail to realize the digital age will rob them of their relevancy. There are people waking from the fog of misinformation daily. Waking and wanting more from their representative government, themselves, and the country as a whole.

Open debate among the common citizenry with civil discourse is the only way to right the course of our great nation. Level heads and logic must dictate our path forward or their will be great bloodshed. Those who stand to be exposed for intentional misdeeds will not want this debate to occur. Take special note of those who stifle speech. Particularly those who use violence. We must use honest and unemotional debate and maneuver through the hot topic items. It is up to us, the individual free citizens from all walks of life. We must control our own destiny and not allow chaos to steal from us our birthright. We must debate our laws, policies, argue to what depth of government involvement we should have in our lives. As a society it is time to redefine our principles and assure we balance social programs and demand a less restrictive government with regards to individual liberties. There are these and so much more that is in desperate need of review and reflection. We need the ‘iron sharpening iron’ type of approach now more than ever. We can be true to our harshly honest in debate and accomplish compromise without abandoning personal principles. With the Left now reeling in disbelief after former FBI director Comey’s Testimony revealed President Trump is innocent. Now is the perfect time to get the logic out from all angles and get Americans back on track with the America First not Only philosophy. Getting back to resolving the issues that have allowed politicians to divide us with for decades. Let’s hash it out. Let’s spend a few years having massive debates.  Let us have a greater respect for ourselves and our Heritage. Let’s wage the war of words, and through decorum avoid bloodshed and disunity.

Our young Republic was designed for vigorous and feisty debate. To have battles with words and keep a civility among ourselves as not ever seen in the world before it. The allowance of a free and agitating press for arguments to ensue in plain view and always allow ‘We The People’ an ability to argue in depth freely without risk of life. To then display a unique ability to transfer power peacefully after our contentious elections, is a wondrous National Treasure.

Since the election, many on the left have decided to push back militantly against our unique American Cultural ideals. To be sure, our decorum and civility is worth fighting, killing, and even dying for. Anyone who uses violence in America to stop speech, impedes commerce (communist tactics), or organizes sedition is an enemy combatant. There is no grey area. If you are doing those acts you, have declared war on the United States Government and its sovereign people. These tactics are many, some recent ones are (1) Orchestrated violent riots, (2) legal wrangling using corrupt judges -bribery-sedition-collusion to obstruct justice and stall Trump Admin hiring, (3) committing various acts of sedition in plain view using government (tax payers $$) agencies and (4) dereliction of duty by many government officials Senate and Congress wasting time on Russia ignoring taxes, healthcare, vets etc. Government workers sabotaging Federal government, all in plain view.

From Schools, Local, State & Federal officials and agencies, defiance and sedition. Not to mention the joining of the violent lefty racists and political zealots to the mix, it’s been a can of hot crap in CA and many other places around the country.

The potential outcomes of the violent and subversive political movement the left is perpetrating should cause alarm. We should be calling for an end to the senseless violence against free speech. Note the many recent violent and orchestrated attacks on free speech at academic locations, the obscene loss of decorum and civility in America. Do take into account the simultaneous plan to overtake America with progressive socialism (aka Nazism) and to destabilize our cultural norms and emasculate our men while re-writing American, Western, and successful Black Middle Eastern and European descendants history of success through the early eras of hardness in America.
Just to keep perspective.

I am pondering who are the puppet masters waiting to sweep in and grab power in the chaos and who in the end are the witless pawns playing the part in ensuring their own demise. Taking names….


Someone is always preparing for chaos and anarchy, to fill in the void



“We are at War”,  It wasn’t a flippant statement. It comes from sobering conversations with California politicians, citizens, and twitter heads around the country. The Left has decided that voting for Trump warrants that a persons God given rights, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, are somehow voided. That they can be beaten, harassed financially, and even worse.

I am seeing old radical hippies who have succeeded in using Hollywood, Media, and Academia to rewrite history, and erode institutions of American culture and screw up a big chunk of an entire generation of bright minds, for now bask in their accomplishments. Loving the chaos. These people are clinging to power and the structures they have corrupted to gain their power tightly. Media, Arts, & Academia are transitioning and the middle managers are seeing the people they empowered reject them in high percentages. Viewing them as relics and useless to the future, they will soon get pushed aside when the younger lefties find the next “handout” Bernie Sanders. Pushing aside the old making way for the new. It is the primal instinct of our nature that always takes over. No matter your lifestyle, politics, or how primitive or advanced your technology is. The internal fighting throughout the DNC is human nature. Those who downplay the absolute vacuum and chaos left over from the Hillary Clinton loss are peddling more narrative news. The factions are many and all extremists, it will be interesting to see how the DNC pans out. Those in the middle to right need to talk it out and get things straight now. Before they regroup.
But there I go with my wishful thinking….


“Yes honey i did spend $300 on flints, machetes, fishing gear, flashlights, water filtration supplies and no it’s not for camping”. As I muttered “Could have spent another 5k and we still wouldn’t have what we really should have”

Never did I think I would be actively stockpiling ammo, survival gear and making sure my family understands how to survive off the grid. You know, just in case. But this is the new reality. When you realize that your state government is spending billions of tax dollars fighting against border security, sensible immigration policies and is leading a covert and seditious movement to undermine the effectiveness of a legally elected government, you do what you have to do to be prepared.

To the Snowflake Generation
I am the father of two snowflake age kids. One of my sons asked me out of the blue. “Dad, do you call people my age snowflake?” I said I had a few times, but that I stopped. I shared with him that my generation, was labeled Generation X. Not because the X thing was in, because it was in, and we like it. However it wasn’t given as a cool name. We were accused of bucking social norms, being too independent, selfish, for being lazy, for relying on technology and accused of being useless. Sound familiar?
The X=nothing. The media reported that we stood for nothing, we did nothing, would never do anything, were useless and would add nothing to society. They said we would be remembered as the do nothing generation. Some ass on CBS or NBC said that on television. I also remember the reference that we were soft.

So I don’t call that generation of American people snowflakes. Because I know the generation of kids and young adults who populate it. They are fun, interesting, well read and independent people. They are who we, GenerationX, chose to make them be as parents. A few have missed the mark. Not gotten a proper mix of unbridled freedom and stiff consequences are not as common in as many Americans households in our generation.
The thing is, when these amazing kids break through the cloud of misinformation, there will be an awakening and a reckoning. No matter what political affiliation they have, they will be capable of doing the right things. They are the only hope of helping their parents back into normal civility as well. I just refuse to believe that my generation has failed. I don’t believe that they are weak. But they are being pushed into fights for justice that are not reality. They are problems we already had solved. When they understand you have more of a chance of being struck by lightning than being killed by a cop if youra black man. That Black Lives Matters is a terrorist organization that does
Here’s to hoping we become better talkers as we prepare to be better fighters because their are plenty of inside and outside forces trying to tear apart the unity of America, the greatest nation on the planet. I challenge us all to step up and be the adults that didn’t let that happen. We have the Internet (although we gave it to the U.N.) and the ability to do what the politicians refuse. So let’s do it ourselves. Why not post debates online. Live feed them. I will moderate and keep all the sides in line.

May level heads prevail, and may God Bless us All in America and abroad.
Antonio Belladonna

#Maga #Cali4Trump #SaveOurGirls

I plan to have some live debates with audiences but the security situation is very costly to ensure best probability for situational control.

Stay engaged, persist, write your reps, we will overcome.

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