“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Preamble -United States Constitution

I continually hear this chant “This is what democracy looks like” at the daily riots (protests) and the seditious activism crowds. It irks me to no end and to the point of almost rage. Full disclosure I am in general always annoyed when people call the U.S. a democracy, we are not. Our “more perfect Union” is a republic. The lack of understanding that we are a Republic is in my opinion, extremely disrespectful. It either exposes a person as lazy and unwilling to fulfill their personal responsibility to be educated in our civic system; Or something much worse.


I didn’t understand why the chant kept getting so deep under my skin. Until the other day while watching a video of what the MainStream Media called a “protest”, something stood out to me. In the clip, as the chant blasted in the background, the “protestors” began attacking people.

Boom! At that moment It finally clicked. I said aloud “THIS IS, WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE-Complete chaos and disorder”.


The violence, the senseless hysteria, the hatred and detest displayed toward people from different political affiliations. The complete mob mentality and disregard for social norms leading to anarchy and abuse of Trump voters. Although the media was exposed as a political tool (wiki-leaks etc.) for creating narratives and being guilty of collusion during the election. The media painting Donald Trump as a villain to be feared and loathed. Hillary was such damaged goods it was her only chance to win, an assist by the media. The MSM wouldn’t have bet the house otherwise.  Unwilling to take responsibility for the effect of the distorted psyche of the American people that it’s lies caused, the MSM was only humbled, if at all, for about 2 days. Then back it was back to the spin, #fakenews narratives yet again. Even today, the MSM fuel the fire with #fakenews, seditious rhetoric, and anti American tactics to #crybully those who oppose the Democrats, of which they are a political arm. Donald Trump told the MSM that they are the enemy of the people. And Donald Trump is right. There is no truth in the MSM unless it fits the narrative of the day.


It is scary to think of the precedent we are setting for ourselves. Allowing a mob rule mentality to exist in our country is dangerous and ill advised in a society wishing to remain free. Pushing the envelope could force a situation where Trump has to declare martial law. In that scenario, innocent voters caught up in the mix, lose; and the enemies of America and freedom win.
We must fix our issues, and fix them now. #Decorum must be reestablished.

You’ve seen the violence, the intolerance, the vile language and behavior the Left has displayed this few months and going back through the entire campaign. You have heard that my state, California will #resist the President of the United States and stop his agenda “at all costs”. Despite the fact we need secure borders, a functioning worker visa program and jobs. Nah, my government is at war with the very people we need the most right now. Trump and his administration. Talk is that there may be a Calexit (something that will never happen) if things get too “Nazi” like. The level of hysteria would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous and hypocritical.


Many Americans are becoming genuinely concerned, myself included, that civil debate and robust discourse are things of the past. You may be yearning for a time when people were more civilized and free to speak their minds without fear of violence. In today.s political circles if you ask serious questions and present facts you are met with snide answers that make no sense from the Left. It seems we are simply meeting a wall of closed mindedness and actual rage when expressing conservative or pro Trump views. The insults from these closed minded “libtards” range from  “Racists”, “Nazi”, “Facist”, “low info voter” all the way to “Traitor, who needs to die”. The level of hate, violence, and outrage is neither warranted nor justified, but present none the less.

Perhaps you found yourself wondering if you missed something. You haven’t. You might be thinking, these people are fucking nuts! You’d be right.


The “Leftist” sect of the left has indeed lost it’s damn mind. Committing felony acts of sedition, inciting riots, aligning with Islamic terrorists and globalist financier G. Soros. These paid mobs mix in with grassroots protesters and disrupt commerce, assault innocent Americans. The mobs of angry leftists calling people Nazi, Facist, Racist, and other names with no proof. Shutting down free speech at lectures & town halls with violence. Teachers brainwashing children in tax payer funded schools and teaching them it is ok to disrespect the office of the President of the United States of America. There is insanity from the Left at every turn.

Chaos, anarchy, violence, hatred of fellow countrymen and complete lack of compassion and concern for the long term success and freedom of American citizens. This is the America the Left desire and work hard for. It is hard to believe we’ve come to this

But this is where we are at, a bunch of mobs rioting and attacking free speech.
Yes, This is what Democracy looks like. Thank God we are a Republic.

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Liberals and NeverTrumpers this part is for you. We must come together as a country.
Let’s debate, argue, and together find the path that is the best for our future as a country.
Set aside the mob mentality, the anger, the mindless chanting, and let’s be adults and lead the country into the future. It is not the politicians who will right the ship, it will be we the people.

Let’s show them how great we are when we come together for one purpose, Making America Great Again,

Then we can scream loud and proud, “This is what a Republic looks like!”


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