Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump – An open letter:

    First, congratulations on our win as a country sir. Thank you for not disappointing. Great effort, solid and fitting finish, LANDSLIDE! Way to close the deal.
I am also extremely impressed with the way you are hard at work fulfilling your campaign promises. First time that has happened in a long time and is exactly why I voted for you sir.

Honored to have you as the 45th President of these United States of America.

It was a fabulous win. I really couldn’t see anyone having a more fantastic win (/wink). You absolutely pwn’d their asses.


          Mr. President, It is just over a week after the Inauguration and the mood is mixed around the country. Many Americans are enjoying celebratory bliss. Some not so much. A large number of your supporters are learning that we are now targets of a left-wing  fascist movement that is attempting to take over the MSM and militant wings of the Liberal party. This small group of Americans within our midst think that because the media lied to them about you, that they can attack us for not buying the same lies. They have twisted your honesty and willingness to call the media on their lies. They say you are a Nazi, and we as your “followers” are open game to punch in the face. My teenage daughter is afraid to wear her Trump shirt for fear that she will be arrested for beating the hell out of some moron who tries to punch her in the face (that’s what all that martial arts and MMA was for princess). They have declared that our vote is insignificant because it was wrong in their opinion. They have sought to disrupt your efforts at every turn. They call themselves a resistance, but they are grown babies throwing a fit. Babies who are colluding with paid agitators and foreign States. Some not aware they are aiding our enemies and hurting their own country. Some, are aware, but do not care and hope for our demise as a country.

These American citizens have set about to disrupt the American way of life and destroy our free Republic. Interrupting commerce, basic civics and causing mayhem and inciting violence. Vile and oppressive seditionist who seek to create an environment that forces you to declare martial law. Most of these criminals are carrying flags from other countries and that have faces of Communist/Socialist leaders. You experienced these terrorist type of sabotage tactics during the campaign. Small groups, inciting violence, staging fights, and outright harassing attendees. Stories about Trump supporters attacking folks filled the MSM headlines without any vetting (most stories found to be faked). In one story, a black man burned down his own church for insurance money and spray painted “Vote Trump” and added a Swastika for good measure. The story was huge, the retraction? Barely a whimper. These are the most the most despicable and immoral Americans we have seen in our recent history boss. Even the hippies in the Vietnam era were not this violent or Anti-American, and they at least had a uniquely just cause.
Speaking of a just causes Mr. President. Two weeks ago I went to U.C. Davis with my wife to hear Milo Yiannopoulos speak at a lecture. We were excited for the event. I had questions about some newer elements within the republican Party. Upon arriving we were met by seditionist thugs (Antifa) donning masks who were destroying property, attacking attendees, and causing mayhem. They were throwing feces and urine. They ultimately won the night, and succeeded in shutting down the event. At another Milo lecture, a person was shot. These seditionist have declared a resistance war on your Presidency & our Republic’s Constitution. The most troubling thing to me about the situation is my freedom was taken from me. My freedom to speak, to interact with people within my political party at a lecture, was taken by force. Something that is never supposed to happen in America.

electionreform-fig1_webDespite what the MSM media says, you have millions of supporters here in California. Mr. President, we are under heavy attack. Being harassed in the workplace, schools, and socially. There is a local High School teacher where I live that is using the book 1984, and the term “alternate facts” and applying it to you.
The irony!

After the ‘Nasty Pussy’ parade aka “Woman’s March” (that was a front for the Muslim brotherhood, ISIS, Antifa, and all the other SOROS terrorist groups); we Trump supporters understand even more, how disturbed these people are. It is clear that they care more about issues of fantasy over issues of substance.

They ignore all logic because you won’t profess homage to the lie that is Climate Change. The yuppies had their ‘Hate Trump’ cleansing and have gained a new sense of arrogance that has emboldened them even more (surrounding yourself with other idiots isnt helpful). The hateful march was a propaganda push for Sharia Law acceptance and promoting that Americans should kill their babies as a social norm. Absurd notions.

I want you to know boss, we are fighting back in California. I personally am fighting back! The event at Milo’s lecture; being met with violence and having my freedom taken from me awoke a righteous anger deep inside of me that I didn’t think I’d ever feel again. I am engaged 100%. In my younger days I was a political fundraiser and activist for the Democratic party. In this last campaign I stumped for you on a minor level.  But moving forward, I am reworking my life, and rejoining the political battle working to help deliver California to you in 2020.

It will happen sir, God willing!

Keep working hard for us sir, we are working with you to achieve our common goal, MAGA!

Sincerely, AB- The Radical Republican

P.S. These people are dangerously violent cowards sir, be careful out there.


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