Decorum: A return to greatness

December 30, 2016


#Decorum, noun behavior; in keeping with good taste and propriety. “you exhibit remarkable modesty and decorum” synonyms: propriety, seemliness, decency, good taste, correctness; Moreetiquette.”he had no idea of funeral decorum” synonyms: etiquette, protocol, good form, custom, convention; Morearchaica particular requirement of good taste and propriety. #decorum

The media and liberal voting blocks are doing all they can to make a landslide victory, and a full mandate, seem like it didn’t happen and doesn’t exist. The press has continued to lie and cause hysteria, anger, racial tension and civil unrest throughout the campaign. Continuing to this day.

Rather than focusing on governing and making deals with the most liberal Republican candidate ever elected. Trump detractors and Liberal Politicians would rather stand in his way in order to seemingly stop a false narrative of who Donald trump is and how he will govern. The most recent events, President Obama sanctioning Russia and Paul Ryan and GOP applauding it, are deplorable acts of sabotage on Trump’s Presidency. You would think they are colluding together to make sure we have a war with Russia.

The narrative has been Donald Trump (because he is strong on national defense and the economy related to creating jobs and occasionally says something dumb) is evil. The hits have come in waves; starting with the irrelevant popular vote theory followed by accusations of “racism” against Trump supporters, followed by Recounts, Riots, Fake News blame games attempted Electoral College coup, Girl parts, and on and on it goes. The hate from the Left, as they complain about made up hate on the Right, is a sight to behold. Almost as amazing as the GOP rhinos who look shocked at Trump’s decisive landslide victory.


  The reality is that the majority of voters in America that are dissatisfied with the election results; do not support the openly violent and illegal protests that have happened in a few major cities. They do not believe in dishonoring the valuable and unique American tradition of civil, peaceful, and respectful transfer of power. I imagine that those of us on all sides would agree, there is a need for a return to Decorum. A return to respect, honor and pride in ourselves and our unique diversity. The Inauguration is coming and we can only hope for a peaceful transition without violence and third world tactics.


A new Day:
The presence of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump has awoken the populace. It us understood now, you can break through the rigged system. The GOP and DNC had planned to spoon feed us a Jeb Bush / Hillary Clinton campaign. Both candidates had paid their dues, in party fundraising and favors. Then along came Bernie and Donald. And they flipped the script and crashed the parties. There was something that they just didn’t understand. The populace is sick of both parties not doing what they said they would do when campaigning, once elected. We the people spoke. Do your jobs, or we’ll hire a damn Billionaire media personality who had already after Decades of successes, failures, and media popularity, became a reality TV star; TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Sanders and Trump, the hammers smashing the rigged two party system. A system that has been screwing up our country for years. The question is, will we stop fighting ourselves? Will we speak to each other honestly? Will we say to our political parties, “It is not acceptable that you allowed a situation where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the last options available to vote for in the first place.”? Will we demand that our press report the news, and stop making the news, “creating/pushing the narrative”? I remember the chill that came over me when I saw the 1st Republican Primary Debate. It was when I realized Donald Trump was exceedingly more qualified for the job of President than all the others on the stage, it was unreal and hard to process. When I saw Hillary and the small field of competition she faced it seemed the fix was in. Bush / Clinton II. But as stated earlier, that dream died.

I suggest we all become more involved in public discourse. As we do, we should treat those you agree and disagree with, with respect. Unless they suck, then witty meme em’. I believe you will find that there is not much difference between a healthy-minded liberal, and a healthy minded conservative. I am certain you will find there are some jerks out there who defy reason. But there are more decent people from all walks of life, than you would imagine.

The divide is being caused by the politicians, media and corporations. (Note: I feel like I’m a conspiracy theorist typing that).

In closing,
Welcome debate, it is the only healthy way to vet ideas and round out issues and grow as individuals and a society. We must not look to the media or to so-called political leaders. Our citizenry is rich with a diverse group of people’s capable of moving the country forward in the direction that it should go. We must find our own voice as a people of this age, of this time. This is our monumental moment when we either keep the elements of our country intact, or surrender them like cowards. We must direct our elected “representatives” to represent our interests and the interest of our great nation, these United States of America, the greatest nation on God’s green Earth.

#Decorum, AB

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