Conservatism: Redefined

(First published 11/2016)
The definition of conservatism has been spun many ways by many people in recent times. Conservatives always claim differently what “true conservatism” is, and interject their own bias and perspective. Their isn’t a concise and cohesive platform for conservatives and the the GOP platform needs a revamp. The core population being spread amongst various movements of conservatism (Tea Party, Libertarians etc.)

With the recent election. I asked myself the question. If I am a conservative, how can I explain what conservatism is to my liberal friends? Indeed I am not even in line with all of the beliefs the party i vote for practice. So it is a good exercise in self-examination. So I delve in…

A few labels that we like to attach to conservatism: Social conservatism, Christian conservatism. Fiscal conservatism, Liberal conservatism, and so many more added all the time.

I want to place a focus on a specific area of conservatism.

The one type of conservatism I find unique and significantly important to the entire populace is Constitutional Conservatism. It Trumps, and makes whole in law, action, spirit and definition all of the above mentioned types of conservatism.

I would like to clarify for the record and posterity. I believe in the personal freedoms and right’s of all legal citizen’s and guests, fully and completely as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America. I reject in full the idea that we are, ever have been, or ever should be a Democracy. I believe that the constitution is an amazing and unique document that should be honored and followed and only changed or amended with extreme caution. I believe that the Constitution of the United States of America embodies the written law that guarantees the rights of every sovereign American citizen. A uniquely specific right given to American citizen’s. This sovereignty should be understood, honored, and practiced daily.

I will break down my basic thoughts of what being a Constitutional conservative means.

(1). Understand & Practice Constitution: Read the Constitution. Yes, at least once a week. READ IT!

(1b). Honor States Rights: Major issues should be dealt with amongst State legislators. ()
(2a). Be free:  All Americans are free to do whatever they desire, as long as what they desire doesn’t: (a) harm another human or animal, (b) Cause a public menace, (c) Endanger those within close proximity,
(d). or Conspire against the U.S. to undermine government, commerce, and social institutions.
(2b). Citizens are free to practice or not practice religion of choice.
(2c). Do not be a judgemental jerk. Let people be who and what they are. We are a Christian Nation. Built on the idea of choice and freedom. Our strength is in celebrating our unique blending of cultures and lifestyles. We have accomplished a great deal by bonding multiple cultures o n the principle of personal freedoms. Financial, Spiritual, & Geographical.
(2d) People have a right to be spoken to with respect by the police. We are a nation of laws. People should not die from getting pulled over for a tailight. EVER! We need to debate rules of engagement and get things straight. Cops that violate the law should go to prison and be someone’s bitch. Just sayin..
(2e) Cops are to be respected and free to do their job. Hunting, ambushing, killing cops is BS and needs to stop.
(3) Believe that no person should be in jail for a victimless crime. Citizens should never lose their liberties for a crime where a victim does not exist. Such as possessing marijuana etc. Too many innocent people in prison for victimless crimes. Debate needs to happen and laws need to be cleaned up.
(4) We are not free to hurt, harras, defame, rob, imprison, another citizen and claim “It’s a free country”. Your individual freedom does not Trump another citizens rights.
(5). The Government serves the people not the other way around. Government should never gain more than 10% of taxes from a citizen ever. Federal, State, and Local & Real Estate taxes combined should not exceed 10% of income.

More to come….   AB

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